Story Behind the Scenes.

  • by a childhood friend Kaarina
  • May, 2022

Photo: Stallions are born leaders, but when dealing with people, they can be very mellow and kind.

"Already at a very young age, Nina had great love for justice, and used to defend the weaker - be it humans or animals.  This was the time, when Nina understood the difficult living conditions, which her own grandmother had experienced in the past: she had lived and worked alone on a big farm, after having lost her husband and most of their horses during the WW II.  Becoming aware of the incredible survival spirit of her grandmother, and  understanding the true meaning of lives lost in the war, the seed of giving back to the horses was born in Nina's soul.  Horses, who in this way began to  play an important role in her life already in Nina's childhood, later returned into her life when her own daughter found an Andalusian stallion for sale: this horse became the founding horse of their own ranch, being one of the very first Andalusian horses in Finland.  Here  is where Nina could finally start giving back to horses what they had given to humans during centuries, by letting them live  according to their natural order as a herd, and providing them with shelter and loving care. And not asking them anything in return.  At the present, her oldest stallion is now 42 years old, and the youngest is only 10 months old. On this farm, the need for vets or farriers has been next to nothing.

What comes to cameras and photographs, Nina's father introduced her to one of those old film cameras when Nina was a teenager. That camera  was later followed by numerous DSRL cameras. Whenever Nina participated in any notorious photo competition, mainly on nature and landscapes, her images were among the ones published and printed in thousands by each organizer.

 It is amazing what one can learn,  just out of simple respect and love for what one does and being a simple philanthropist. Let us hope that Nina's work will provide you with  a solid proof of that, and serves as a source of inspiration for others in similar situations.

 Ms Nina Rintanen (MBA) has worked for several Foreign Ministers, and was decorated by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I."

Nina interviewed by ANCCE, pages 40-41

Here is also a photo album with other than equine images by Nina.

...and finally  some numbers on the awards that Nina has received in photo competitions: