The Andalusian Breed

One of the Oldest in Existence

The Andalusian horse was originally developed in Spain during the 1500th century according the breeding program of Philip II, King of Spain, who wanted his army riding safe and healthy horses. For a long period of time, Andalusian horses  were considered luxury gifts amongs the European Royalty and Aristocrats, and from there comes their nickname 'Horse of Kings'. More...

Extreme Beauty

Andalusian Horses are Easily Collected

PRE horses or Andalusian or Spanish horses as they are often referred to, have a very good temperament and special willingness to perform. They are easily recognized by their expressive movements, powerful experience and extreme beauty. They are easily collected even for the High School exersices, but are also perfec for lesser performances such as dressage, carriage, working equitation, natural horsemanship, and are very reliable on the country side rides.

Famous Andalusians (PRE)

The British Army and the Spanish Police use PRE horses in their work and parades.

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This breed is suitable for almost every equestrian art you can imagine, even for show jumping - although the latter is not usually their strongest suite at the highest levels of jumping competitios. Nevertheless, they jump like any other horse.